Art Miami 2014

WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC, booth A14, presented a curated selection of historic and contemporary paintings, prints, photography and mixed media.

> Frank Stella, “Hacilar Level 1A’, 2001

Stella explored Neolithic sites, including Hacilar on the Anatolian plateau of Turkey and thereafter created extraordinary sculptures, defined by Stella as paintings. 'Hacilar Level 1A' is a monument to the powerful Goddess in Neolithic matriarchal societies; the extraordinary unfolding of multiple layers of painted aluminum represents the narrative of unearthing and excavating.

> Cy Twombly, “On the Bowery” 1969-1971

The work is from Twombly's Blackboard series (1966-71), so-named because the artwork appeared to have been inspired by the notion of the classroom blackboard. In response to criticism of untutored rawness of his line, Twombly replied that it was a “child-like” line but not a “childish” one and pointed out that was in fact, “very difficult to fake, to get that quality you need to project yourself into the child’s line. It has to be felt.”

> James Juthstrom (1925-2007), Untitled, circa 1960s

In the early 1960's, James Juthstrom moved towards an intricate abstract expressionist style and began to create enigmatic maze-like patterns of small circles or hatch marks. This period also marked his interest in reflective pigments. In this period, his work was included in numerous museum group exhibitions, including Whitney Museum of American Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Detroit Institute of the Arts and Brooklyn Museum.

> Andy Warhol, unique silkscreen, circa 1980s

Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) was a German performance artist, sculptor, installation artist, graphic artist and art theorist, who is now regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. While they were never said to be close friends, Warhol and Beuys admired each other greatly as artists.

> Roy Schatt, iconic 1954 photographs of James DeaN

Schatt’s legendary photos of James Dean, who was a friend of Schatt, as well as his photography student, encompass the iconic Torn Sweater series, as well as Dean in personal moments playing the bongos, walking in the streets of New York City or pretending to steal candy from a newsstand.

> Bob Adelman and Douglas Kirkland, photographs of Andy Warhol

An internationally recognized photojournalist, Bob Adelman has been documenting New York artists since the 1960s. He created a body of work spanning decades about some of the most important American artists of the 20th century.

Douglas Kirkland has photographed legends in cinema, arts, science, culture and fashion that span five decades.

> Bryan el Castillo sculpted paintings

Contemporary artist el Castillo explores deconstruction and reconstruction of portraits related to identity in a series of artworks constructed as bass reliefs from individual painted blocks of wood.