Art Southampton 2013

WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC, booth A29, presented a selection of photography, sculpture and mixed media work by historic and contemporary artists.

Warhol, Goethe, circa 1980s A unique portrait of the important Romantic writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). Warhol was influenced by the 1786 portrait of Goethe by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein. Also on view were rare 1950's works by Warhol from the Vanity Fair period.

Edwina Sandys, Frolics British born, New York artist Sandys, focuses on feminism in contemporary art, exemplified by her well-known sculpture, The Marriage Bed, in the permanent collection of Brooklyn Museum of Art. On view were two large scale metal cut-out sculptures inspired by 30 years of collage, cut-outs and painting.

Richard Avedon Santa Monica Beach #4 Avedon's 1964 fortuitous photograph was severely undeveloped to the point that it yielded only faint traces. Avedon was adamant to develop the coveted image of father and son on the beach, he used skilled darkroom methods to salvage the genuine moment he photographed. The result was considered more effective by leading critics than if it would have been properly exposed.

Also on view:

Damien Hirst, ‘For the Love of God’

Photographs by Lucien Clergue, Roy Schatt, Douglas Kirkland, Sam Shaw.

Ink drawings by Greg Petan

Installation Views