Peter Shaindlin

Peter Shaindlin is a contemporary photographer whose work honors the grace and elegance of the classical canon in the representation of the human form. In his most recent series the female nude is depicted as a center of power, a seminal stage in the artist's philosophical pursuit to redefine the principles of classical photography. Despite the overtly primeval character of his work, a persistent rejection of 'earthly' temporal restrictions such as gravity and spatial confines allows Shaindlin's subjects to achieve an almost mystical sense of weightlessness, what he refers to as 'liberation of the spirit.' Shaindlin represents a rarified voice in his unwavering commitment to the human form as a pure and singular artistic mission, a distinct departure from its overarching history as a sub-genre within the photographic medium. His rejection of the literal realism characterizing nude photography since its inception favors a more ethereal aesthetic evoking tranquility and spiritual ascendancy. Shaindlin's timeless creations reference the clarity of vision of photographers such as Cartier-Bresson and Brassai as well as the spirit of Cocteau and Balthus in terms of compositional rhythm and detail.

Mr. Shaindlin studied photography and visual arts at New York University. In addition to currently pursuing advanced studies at HarrisManchester College, University of Oxford, he teaches photography at the University of Hawaii, focusing on photographing the human form as well as the importance of classical principles in contemporary art. He is a juror of the annual statewide competition Photography in Hawaii.

Photographs © Peter Shaindlin