Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg is considered one of the most influential American artists due to his radical blending of materials and methods. He was a crucial figure in the transition from Abstract Expressionism to later modern movements due to his experimental approach which expanded the traditional boundaries of art.

About the "Waterworks" series

This original artwork from the Waterworks series (1992-95) is derived from Rauschenberg's own digital photos transferred to clear gelatin surfaces using water-soluble, biodegradable soy inks and finally to paper with an electric press. The resulting luminescent quality of this work entitled 'Bodily,' a vegetable dye transfer on paper, is reminiscent of a watercolor painting.

In the early 90s Rauschenberg became aware of large-format color inkjet printers which employ high-pressure sprays of ink to push pigment deeply into the paper. He began to explore it as a means of incorporating his photographic images into artworks. His attraction to the medium was motivated by a number of factors, among them that he no longer had to rely upon commercial screen makers but instead could work exclusively in his Captiva Island studio and the desire to avoid toxic chemicals in the transition to earth-friendly materials.