Tim White-Sobieski

Tim White-Sobieski is a contemporary artist with studios in New York City and Europe. He works primarily in the mediums of photography and video, and recently shifted focus to fiber-optics video light installations. His video, photography and light pieces have been included in gallery exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Stockholm, and Berlin, among other places. Within the last 15 years, his work has been shown or acquired by more than 30 international museums. White-Sobieski was chosen as an artist for the Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris Champs Elysee, architect Peter Marino. The next year, White-Sobieski was asked by the Louis Vuitton Company to participate in an exhibition entitled, "Icon", an interpretation of the iconic logo-bags. Some other artists chosen for the exhibition were Zaha Hadid, Ugo Rondinone, Sylvie Fleury, Shigeru Ban and Andrée Putman. Currently, White-Sobieski continues to construct site specific creations using sculpture, photography, video, and installation works. His artwork was recently exhibited at Kunsthalle Detroit, and the Vejle Kunstmuseum, Vejle,Denmark (solo).

Route 17N

Tim White-Sobieski's ongoing body of work, Route 17N, captures an ambiguous age. The images reflect the surreal aspects about growing up and entering the adult world, with the associated perceptions and consequences. Through staged activity, the artist explores a visual sense of reality and non-reality, with symbolic representations for fear, play, contemplation and isolation that bring him closer than ever to cinematography. A heightened sense of light and dark captures the context of time and movement.

"Light Currents" and "Deconstructed Reality"

"Light Currents" is a series of light sculpture and video installation. Developed over several years, the artist's expression of light, movement, pattern and relationship is based on previous photo and video projects. Whether a single disc or several grouped as an installation, White-Sobieski creates the growing pulsating circular forms to represent changing light energy. The artist sometimes combines a disc with one of his photographs to show relationship to photo and light. Large scale installations can include several discs which cover the wall or ceiling, creating a universe of light. The illuminated circular discs are available in sizes ranging from 72 inches, 60 inches to 48 inches in diameter.The intent is to stretch the boundaries of the medium, as well as to challenge the viewer to a new understanding of visual aspects.

The "Deconstructed Reality" series by Tim White-Sobieski represents an artistic statement that the universe is not only unpredictable in its development, but also that reality, as one perceives it, can be broken down in its elementary components to reveal new meanings. The resulting parts can then be skillfully re-arranged into an intellectual construct independent from the space and time constraints that govern the narrative of daily life.

Artwork © Tim White-Sobieski