Past Exhibition

Rhythms of Nature

Paintings, mixed media works by Michael DesRosiers

Curated by James Cavello

The dynamic paintings by DesRosiers reflect a distillation of the forces of nature within an intense chromatic dialogue. In addition to paintings, the gallery will exhibit mixed media works by DesRosiers that feature exquisite designs executed with layers of painted printed paper and paint films mounted on either canvas or rag board.

In the artist's own words, "I work to create a highly personal art that doesn't aspire to reproduce nature but rather to comprehend and replicate its underlying organization. It is the recurrent patterns continually offered up by nature that interest me. My sources of inspiration range from the interchange between land and sea, the ever changing effect of light, or the biological forces at work in the natural world".

Valerie Gladstone write about Mr. DesRosiers paintings: "Michael DesRosiers' seductive, blue paintings plunge viewers into sensual, mysterious worlds. Fluid, organic shapes appear to float under water, in another universe or under a microscope. Circling, weaving and flying through space, they resemble stones, bubbles, planets and raindrops. Everything is in motion. Contrasting shades of blue give the paintings' depth, inviting us to look inside them, as if they had three dimensions. Lacey white and black lines dance in the background, delicately framing the movement in the foreground. One could easily get lost in their midst."