May 5-7, 2017

immersive art installation

site-specific ‘techno tunnel’

hosted by SONY

Artist KAZ Shirane in collaboration with SONY electronics created a site-specific video tunnel within WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC during the Frieze week, as a concept to redefine boundaries of space, light and sound. The structure of geometric panels projects spectrums of light for the viewer to experience a personal moment in a ‘fanatastical’ space.

SONY, as a supporter of the arts, provided six of their latest A1 Bravia Oled tv to allow the artist to project his original video of the changing color and light of galaxies in space. Incorporated into the experience is an original soundtrack developed in relation to the galactic visuals which transport the viewer into the space created by the artist. Sony supports a diverse set of programs in the arts and is inspired by creativity and imagination.

About KAZ Shirane

KAZ Shirane (Masakazu Shirane) based in TOKYO, is internationally recognized for his work in spatial art, architecture and interior design. KAZ graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and Universidad Europea de Madrid where he majored in architecture. KAZ also built the concept of an interactive space design method where “the designer of this space is you,” as well as a series of art installations, titled “WINK Space” and “Light Origami.

Friday 11-8 // Saturday: 11-7 // Sunday: 11-6