Light Sculpture

WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC presented site specific installations created by contemporary artist Adela Andea in public spaces in Art Miami 2011 and Art Wynwood 2012.

Adela Andea creates mixed media sculptures in various sizes. The cathode fluorescent lights, power sources, plexiglass, clay, microbeads, computer fans shaped into unique objects create a dialogue between the viewer and new technologies and give form to vibrant conceptual formulations.

In the artist's words: "Through art, the transformation of information has been mitigating the two extremes, between the valuable resources of information and the end product responsibilities for recycling, giving a different meaning to the phrase "residual value". In addition, the fast scientific developments almost enable us to distinguish between present and future technologies; a question I always ask myself when encountering new information is: has it been done, has it succeeded, or is it experimental and envisioned to happen in some laboratories?"

The artist has created room installations consisting principally of light, an immersive sensory experience. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museum events, including Museum of Art and Design, New York City, Contemporary Art Museum Houston and Wichita Falls Art Museum, TXOK Biennial.