Andy Warhol created unique works of art on paper throughout his career, including drawings and silkscreens. In the process of conceiving a portrait or image for a limited edition series, Warhol experimented by silkscreening on large sheets of newsprint.

Newsprint was easily disposable if an image was not to Warhol's liking and allowed free form thinking and creating. Many times the large newsprint image was laid on a worktable for discussion and could end up with paint spatters or coffee cup stains. These imperfections within the work became a history of Warhol's creative studio process.

Most of the silkscreened (also defined as 'screenprint') newsprints were thrown away since the final limited edition prints were the commercial presentation. However, the silkscreens on newsprint which Warhol liked were stamped with Warhol's rubber stamp, "© Warhol" and put away for future reference. Today the newsprint silkscreens that survived are coveted by collectors as one-of-a-kind silkscreens on paper which reflect and document Andy Warhol's creative thinking process. To further the longevity of these precious works of art, each newsprint has been mounted on linen canvas to protect the long term integrity of the work. The Andy Warhol unique screenprint on newsprint works of art in inventory have been been authenticated by the Andy Warhol rt Authentication Board, with letter of authenticity ("working material from the studio of Andy Warhol"). 


Andy Warhol came to NYC in 1949 after graduating from the Carnegie Institute of Technology where he studied pictorial design. He found work in NY producing commercial drawings, campaigns and advertising for publishing and fashion companies. His clients during the period included Vanity Fair, Mademoiselle, Bergdorf Goodman, Glamour, Dance magazine and many other companies. The drawings encompassed images of shoes, flower, insects, butterflies, cats, cherubs and other happy designs. Warhol had his mother, Julia, write descriptions or titles on many of the drawings because he liked her cursive handwriting. His drawings were also used for book illustrators, stationary, album covers, folders and promotional gifts.

Authenticated by the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board. 
Artwork © ARS and The Estate of Andy Warhol.