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Westwood Gallery NYC presented the premiere U.S. exhibition for Lazhar Mansouri and represents the surviving photographs and archive research.


The Mansouri archive reflects the tumultuous spirit of the times and the ethnic and social make-up of the region. Through Mansouri’s studio portraits we can witness the growth of the Algerian middle class replacing the French colonists and its synchronic evolution with Europe. The photographs also reflect the military and political atmosphere of the period.


The images are a commentary of the time, reflected through families, youth, Bedouin, Imazighen (Berber), soldiers, and personal portraits, with an emphasis on custom, kitsch, fashion and a familiar need for youth to be looked upon as 'cool'. Plastic plants, columns and various patterned curtains serve as minimal backdrops in the studio and often the subjects mix Western and ethnic garb. 

To inquire regarding price for limited edition prints, and to purchase any of the photographs shown below, contact the gallery at

© Lazhar Mansouri.


During Mansouri’s lifetime, the demographic of the Aurès Mountain region saw a resurgence of Islamic culture after over 130 years of French occupation. For tribes such as the local Chaoui within the Imazighen, Mansouri's images could have been the only photograph across their entire lifetime, and inadvertently the last generation of Amazigh women to undergo facial tattooing called Ushem or Tchiradh in local dialects.


Facial tattooing was a rite of passage for young Amazigh girls often applied at the onset of puberty in transition to womanhood. The shapes, which include a sun (shams), a palm tree, a chain (cinsla), and flies (thabanat), were considered symbolic to Amazigh culture. A significant shape is the diamond or eye of a partridge (ain hijla), which takes its importance from the partridge, a bird of great grace, its sharp eyes are thought as vigilant watchers against danger.

© Lazhar Mansouri.



"As more and more work comes to light, so do the names of remarkable artists, well known to their contemporaries, now known within a global framework. Lazhar Mansouri (1932-1985) is one."
- Holland Cotter, The New York Times, 2007

Lazhar Mansouri (1932-1985) was an Algerian photographer active from the late 1950s through the 1970s in Aïn Beïda (Aurés Mountains region, Northern Algeria). During this period, he owned and operated a photography studio and created an archive of local everyday people and rarely photographed indigenous tribes. 


Mansouri first encountered photography as a child while accompanying his grandmother to a local bazaar, where he met a photographer operating a studio in the back of a barber shop. The same photographer later hired him as an apprentice, allowing Mansouri an introduction to the craft. After his training, he left to open his own small studio in the back of a grocery store. Mansouri’s photo studio served thousands of Algerians with their photographic needs from id card photos to documenting family occasions. From the images reflected, Mansouri photographed weddings, births, children, graduations, portraits, friends, and family.


The Mansouri studio was highly active during the last years of the Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962), and after the Provisional Executive of France declared Algeria’s independence on July 5, 1962, Mansouri continued to fulfill the photographic needs of the growing community in Aïn Beïda. During the early 1980s and after Mansouri's death, his family considered the necessity of burning what could be deemed as controversial negatives. Luckily, part of the patrimony was saved by another photographer from the region who saw its historic importance. It is estimated that the archive included at one time tens of thousands of negatives.

Lazhar Mansouri's photographs are documented in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art and the Hirsch Library of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. His work is in numerous public and private collections include the US State Department (Algiers), the Qatar Museums, and more.


Exhibiton History

2020, JAN 25 - MAR 07


Click to view information about “Lazhar Mansouri: Portraits of Amazigh Women,” our 2020 exhibition at Westwood Gallery NYC

2007, MAR 15 - MAY 12


Click to view information about “Lazhar Mansouri: Portraits of a Village,” our 2007 exhibition at Westwood Gallery NYC





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2023 - A World in Common: Contemporary African Photography, Tate Modern, London, UK

2022 - Africa Fashion, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK (travelled to Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY)



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Cover photograph of Lazhar Mansouri: Photographe algerien, produced by Edizione Mazzotta

Lazhar Mansouri: Photographe algérien
Edizione Mazzotta, Essays by Charles-Henri Favrod, Cléa Redalié, PRO-HELVETIA, Armand Dériaz, Mohand Abouda

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