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WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC exhibited a selection of unique works of Andy Warhol, large iconic screen prints that are the hallmark of the artist. On view were a number of never before exhibited large scale unique works in black and white. The significance of the artist's creative process and intellectual experimentation reveal an interiority to the genius of 20th Century post-modern art. The unique works were the initial stage of innovation created by Warhol that allowed him to experiment with color, composition and effect. The recreation of images in their varying forms created a body of work that placed Andy Warhol in an ever evolving state. All the artworks on view have been authenticated by the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board and bear the copyright '© Andy Warhol' in their bottom right corner.

The Gallery II installation included works on paper from the early 1960s The works of the early 1960s have an experimental and exploratory feel in which Warhol combined artistic stamping with written instructions, and on occasion, watercolor. When seen together, the works delineate a shift in Warhol's creative process where he begins to draw from life, existing images, and fragments of consumer culture. 

Also on view were a selection of photographs of Andy Warhol from the 1960s. The photographs depicted the Factory during a time when Warhol selectively received admirers, artists, musicians, editors, actors and socialites amicably. The black and white images on view epitomize the definitive image of Warhol as an artist in unique and creative contexts.

Artwork © ARS and The Estate of Andy Warhol. 

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