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March 9 - April 29, 2000

Igor Gorsky's boldly abstract and dramatically energetic large scale paintings project a powerful sense of emotion. Jet-dark blacks and crimson reds are manipulated in a melding and swirling of oil-based enamel. At times, transparent shapes emerge from the dark magma only to dissolve into honeycomb patterns with amazing details or move about the canvas into mysterious figures. Gorsky's paintings are postmodern rethinkings of the modernist ideas of spontaneity, sublimity, field painting, and surreal hallucination and allow the viewer to experience the depth of an explosive force.

Donald Kuspit wrote in the catalogue essay: “Igor Gorsky's new abstract paintings give the idea of the terribilità -- the sense of divine fury or cosmic energy, evoking a sense of dreadful awe and ecstasy, associated with Michelangelo, and more broadly with the sublime at its most intimidating yet intimate -- a new lease on artistic life. It is as though Gorsky has distilled the essence of terribilitá -- the dark, brooding, even macabre numinosity that infects sensibility as it experiences the infinite, and that is the germ of creative inspiration -- and renders it with a candor and explicitness that give it new immediacy."

Igor Gorsky was born and educated in Athens, Greece and studied Fine Art in the United States. He traveled the world, including cities in Asia, Europe and the Middle East and maintained studios throughout his travels. Currently, he spends his time between New York City and Athens, with a permanent studio in both countries.

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