TBA 2021

Alan Steele:
Unconditionally Constitutional

A solo exhibition of thirty new works by New York conceptual artist Alan Steele.


A solo exhibition of 1960s portraiture by Algerian photographer Lazhar Mansouri focusing on Amazigh (Berber) women from his hometown of Aïn Beïda, Algeria.

Charles Hinman:
Chromatic Eclipse

Paintings by New York shaped canvas artist Charles Hinman (b. 1932), focused on works from his oeuvre which conceal color hues emanating behind canvases of white and black.


Bob Adelman


Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, Tom Wesselman.


James Juthstrom

Paintings from the Loft

The exhibition focuses on the duality of the artist, who created both large-scale, cosmic abstract paintings and enigmatic figurative paintings.


Andy Warhol

Drawn to Dance

Premiere gallery exhibition of 49 original 1955-1967 ink drawings by Andy Warhol. The works reflect Warhol's fascination with the performing arts, during his rise from commercial artist to the launch of his fame as a global Pop artist.


James Dean and The Actors Studio

ROY SCHATT (1909-2002)

Rare photographs of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and many other historic personalities in the New York acting community.

On the Bowery, 1971


Prints by Cy Twombly, Robert Ryman, Will Insley, Robert Indiana, Les Levine, John Willenbecher, Charles Hinman, Richard Smith, Gerald Laing, and John Giorno.


Foundations ONECITY

Will Insley (1928-2011)

Curated by James Cavello

Paintings and structural models reflecting Insley's initial explorations that led to his monumental project.




Sam Shaw, Lucien Clergue, Deszo Hoffman



Curated by James Cavello


An Evening with Marilyn

Douglas Kirkland

November 17, 1961


Curated by James Cavello


The Sayn-Wittgenstein Collection

Sixty photographs

Princess Marianne has intertwined her own personal history with that of the many renowned artists, musicians, aristocrats and heads of state to create a visual history of Europe.
Curated by James Cavello



Photographs of China and the Far East  

John Thomson (1837-1931)

From 1862, John Thomson documented on glass plate negatives China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Malay Peninsula, Siam, Cambodia, Vietnam and Formosa

Curated by James Cavello



Coco Chanel, 1962

Douglas Kirkland


At the age of 27, Kirkland documented the legendary fashion icon for "Look" magazine.

Curated by James Cavello


Leaving the American Dream

Wulf Treu

Mixed media paintings and sculpture

The urban artist takes on underground culture, fetishes, the art world, fashion slaves, nightmares and delusional psychology.

Curated by James Cavello


Portraits of a Village

Lazhar Mansouri (1932-1985)

Mansouri photographed the inhabitants of Aïn Beïda, his home village in Northern Algeria, from the 1950s through the 1980s.  




James Hendricks (1938-2017)

Large scale acrylic on canvas paintings

Curated by James Cavello


Birth of the World

Jeff Maron 

Sculptures and Metal Paintings

etched copper alloy




James Juthstrom:
Imagining the Cosmos, Abstract Paintings

A solo exhibition of drawings, 1960s -1980s, an architectural exploration of abstraction.


Explorations IN Process
Insley, Nagasawa, Steele, Welch

A four-person exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculpture, installation, and works on paper. All of the artworks on view utilize process in four artistic styles.


Artists on the Bowery Part 1:

Carmen Cicero // Alan Steele

A group exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Bowery artists Carmen Cicero and Alan Steele. The exhibition focuses on diametric New York art movements developing concurrently.

INSLEY_Buildings No. 19-20 Interior Buil



Mythological Elsewhere

From ONECITY 1970s-90s

For over fifty years, Will Insley (1929-2011) utilized his architectural knowledge of space, structure, and purpose to visualize an abstract civilization in his artwork.




Contemporary Artists / Hawaii


Thirteen artists connected to Hawaii and the cultural, social and environmental influences present in their work. 


Charles Hinman

Shaped Paintings

Charles Hinman's paintings explore the boundaries of light, shadow and shape through elaborate three-dimensional paintings created according to mathematical formulas.


Foundations of ONECITY

WILL INSLEY (1929-2011)

The exhibition included large-scale modular paintings from the 1960's, as well as smaller structural models paintings, foreshadowing Will Insley's life-long ONECITY project.


Boris Lurie


The first New York City exhibition of paintings, drawings, collage and sculpture after the artist's death included 45 works of art from a private collection spanning 1946 through 1989.


Black and White

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)


Unique silkscreens



New York City 25 Years in the Future

twenty-five New York artists from all the five boroughs re-imagining alternative scenarios for the city

Curated by James Cavello



James Juthstrom (1925-2007)


Paintings and drawings

Curated by James Cavello



Bryan el Castillo

A new series of paintings focused focuses on the search for identity and the influence of technology.

Curated by James Cavello



Paradise Paradox

Sam Abell, Torben Ulrick Nissen, Ron Haviv, Bryan el Castillo, Maxi Cohen

Artists  document both the rich wilderness of Amazonia and its destruction. 

Curated by James Cavello



Abstract Paintings

James Juthstrom (1925-2007)


Paintings and work on paper

Curated by James Cavello



Leo Matiz (1918-1998)

Photographs of rural and urban landscapes, abstract forms in architecture and nature, portraits, photographic essays. 

Curated by James Cavello


Mine Eyes Have Seen

Bob Adelman (1930-2016)

In his documentation of the struggle for civil rights, Adelman captured defining moments that re-shaped modern American History.



Marilyn in New York

Sam Shaw (1912-1999)

Iconic photographs reveal Monroe's off-guard moments in NYC or Amagansett,  as well as during the filming of "The Seven Year Itch"




Historic Comic Book Cover Paintings, 1970s


Paintings created for the covers of Star Trek, Turok, The Lone Ranger, Flash Gordon, Ripley's Believe It or Not.


Will Insley, Logical Insanity:
Drawing ONECITY and the Abstract /Buildings/

A solo exhibition of drawings, 1960s -1980s, an architectural exploration of abstraction.


Miriam Bloom and Ron Morosan

A two-person exhibition of paintings, sculpture and works on paper by downtown artists Miriam Bloom and Ron Morosan. This is the artists' first exhibition at Westwood Gallery NYC.

Insight: James Juthstrom

Paintings from 1965-1998

Paintings and works on paper from the estate of James Juthstrom (1925-2007) exploring the artist's inner dialogue in viewing the interior and exterior of his loft on Broome Street. 

Warhol Uniques installation 1.jpg



Working Material, 1980s

Eleven experimental prints on view (Louis Brandeis, Sitting Bull, Jane Fonda, and others) provide insight into Warhol's creative process as he pushed the boundaries of the medium.


Language of Hands

Photographs from the Buhl Collection

Photographs by 19th century pioneers and masters of 20th century photography, all exploring the theme of the human hand, from the collection of visionary New York philanthropist and collector Henry M. Buhl.


Boris Lurie


Paintings, collage and sculpture by Boris Lurie (1924-2008), co-founder of the NO!art movement. In collaboration with Boris Lurie Art Foundation.


Soviet Propaganda Images

1920s & 30s

Soviet visual artists played a pivotal role in history; the exhibition included vintage propaganda posters and prints from the 1920s and 30s.


WILL INSLEY (1929-2011)

Wall fragments, drawings, photo-montage.

Insley utilized his architectural knowledge of space, structure, and purpose to visualize an abstract civilization in his artwork. 



Works on Paper

James Juthstrom (1925-2007)


Curated by James Cavello


My Kennedy Years

Jacques Lowe (1930-2001)

Legendary images depicting the intense Presidential campaign and the early years in the White House.

Curated by James Cavello


The Testament of Orpheus, 1959

Lucien Clergue (1934-2014)

Photographs from the set of Jean Cocteau’s last film "Testament of Orpheus," evoking the creative personality of one of France’s foremost 20th century intellectuals.

Curated by James Cavello


Route 17N

Tim White-Sobieski 


Through staged activity, the artist explores a visual sense of reality and non-reality.

Curated by James Cavello


The Golden Series

Charles Meyers (1934-2013)


Gold leaf paintings, works on paper and poems

Curated by James Cavello



László Paizs (1935-2009)

Paintings and sculptures

Premiere exhibition of the leading post-Modern Hungarian artist.

Curated by James Cavello


Fractured Reality

Bryan el Castillo


Mixed media oil paintings

Curated by James Cavello



Douglas Kirkland

Five decades of photography.

Portaits of visual artists, actors, entertainers, writers, film sets, musicians and many others, from the 1950s through 2000s. 



Physics of Spirituality

Pedro Barbeito, Filipa César, JonMarc Edwards, Winfred Evers, Alex Grey, Helmut Grill, Mitsy Groenendijk, Komar & Melamid, Ellen Kooi, Leonid Lamm, Jeffrey Maron, Michael Rees, Joana Rosa, Peter Rose, Michael Somoroff, Mary Ann Strandell, Tim White-Sobieski.



Abstract Energy


Igor Gorsky's boldly abstract and dramatically energetic paintings are created using oil-based enamel. 


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