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Jacques Lowe

Lowe was a 26 year old freelance journalist in 1956 when he was assigned by three magazines within the same week to photograph Chief Counsel Robert Kennedy. They became friends and Lowe soon was invited to spend weekends at Kennedy's Hickory Hill home in Virginia. Joseph Kennedy, Sr. was impressed with Lowe's photographs and requested he photograph his other son 'John'. Although the initial meeting between Lowe and Senator Jack Kennedy was not an auspicious start, the relationship soon changed course due to Lowe's honorable approach to his photographs and he was provided unprecedented access to one of the most iconic leaders of the 20th century, as well as members of his family. These legendary images share an intimate view of John F. Kennedy as he was on the intense campaign trail, important moments during the early years of his term as President and family moments with his wife Jackie and his children. The archive comprises over 40,000 images.


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WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC exhibited the historical photographs in the exhibition, My Kennedy Years, which included over 50 photographs by Jacques Lowe (1930-2001) and commemorated the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination.

IB Times TV - Interview with James Cavello

Lowe died in May 2001, and his original negatives, which were stored in a World Trade Center J.P. Morgan Chase Bank bank vault, were lost during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Only 10 negatives, which were out on loan at the time, have survived. The prints on exhibition came from the Estate of Jacques Lowe's collection of vintage and modern fine art prints, printed and signed by Lowe prior to his death. Accompanying the exhibition was the book, My Kennedy Years: A Memoir by Jacques Lowe, Thames & Hudson.