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WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC exhibited children's drawings, puppets and artwork in an exhibition to benefit two children's organizations, "Kids Earth Fund" and the "Association to Benefit Children".

Drawings created by children from ages 4 through 15 reflect incredible imagination and the innocence of their talent. One of the drawings includes the imaginary flight of a boy and girl riding on a swan and another portrays three pigs side by side taking a shower. Most of the artworks are completed by students who were given an assignment to draw their wishes, hopes and dreams for themselves, others or the planet earth. In addition, children from various countries were asked to use their imagination to create whatever made them happy. Some inspirations for happiness include a drawing by a four year old Chinese boy depicting two round figures with round eyes and tufted hair standing side by side, which bears a striking resemblance to the work of French artist, Jean Dubuffet.

Many children around the world have a love of life, however, in war torn countries it is difficult for them to have a childhood and they continue to suffer for many years after the fighting has ended. A few elementary classes in Kosovo were requested to draw their feelings regarding the war and their pain is evident in the drawings (also on exhibit at Westwood Gallery). The artwork depicts bombs dropping from planes and dark crayon strokes which are used to show the movement of bullet sprays against angry background colors.

During the term of the exhibition the gallery hosted children's workshops for classes from selected schools, focused on the theme 'What is Art?" and provided the children with an opportunity to create their own artwork to take home.

Kids Earth Fund expanded its mission to reach out to more children by creating Kids Earth Homes. These homes are support centers to provide children in war torn countries with food, shelter, education, medical attention, art therapy and if necessary, a place to sleep. The overall concept is not only to administer to the children's physical needs, but also to enrich them with education and artistic creativity in order to help them grow mentally and physically. Presently, Kids Earth Homes are located in Croatia, Vietnam and Thailand, with future homes opening in Cambodia, Haiti, Brazil and Africa.

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