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2007 - PRESENT

In 2007 Westwood Gallery NYC acquired the artwork estate and archive of artist James Juthstrom  (1925-2007). The gallery made a commitment and investment in creating and maintaining an archive of the New York City artist’s artwork, with hundreds of drawings, paintings, sculpture and ephemeral material.

Monumental acrylic painting of white and red lines on violet background, resembling fire escapes on buildings

James Juthstrom (1925-2007)
Fire Escape on Broome Street, January 30, 1968
acrylic on four canvas panels
72 x 202 inches | 182.9 x 513.1 cm
Featured in James Juthstrom, Insight: Paintings from 1965-1998

​James Juthstrom © Westwood Gallery NYC.

Westwood Gallery exhibited four solo exhibitions of Juthstrom’s artwork from 2008 – 2020, with plans to organize exhibitions in venues worldwide. The gallery is currently working on the first publication of James Juthstrom’s artwork, which includes an overview of his history, concept and process, as an artist who deserves a place in art history. 

Black & white image of a studio, woman working at desk, man painting at easel
Black & white image of a studio, one man painting at an easel, another man sitting down

James Juthstrom painting at the Brooklyn Museum School of Art, circa 1950s.
​James Juthstrom © Westwood Gallery NYC.

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