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2019 - PRESENT

In 2011, Westwood Gallery NYC acquired the estate of New York abstract artist Will Insley (1929-2011), who dedicated 50 years to creating paintings, drawings, writings, models and photomontages based on his concept for a visionary mythical city, entitled ONECITY. Over the years, Westwood Gallery has debuted over 5 solo exhibitions of Insley’s work as well as various collaborations, keeping his artistic tradition and history alive with premiere, scholarly presentations of his art and career. 

Black & white photograph of a man in a large loft, desk visible in the background

Will Insley in his Bowery loft and studio, 1983
Will Insley © Westwood Gallery NYC.

NYC loft with large abstract tri-dimensional artwork with black lines on white background, furniture

View of Will Insley's loft and studio, NYC.
Will Insley © Westwood Gallery NYC.

The historic archive comprises slides, photographs, drawings, sketches, museum and exhibition files, ephemera, publications, letters, and draft essays. The archives reflect both the development of Insley’s visionary project, ONECITY, as well as a history of the New York downtown art scene beginning from the 1960s. 

In the coming years, Westwood Gallery will debut a series of publications about the artist’s work, writings, and life. The first hardcover publication is expected to be published in 2021 and will include never before seen artwork and writing by Insley. as well as his interview with the curator of his solo exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1984.

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