The Crown Penthouse

WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC is pleased to present a premiere art collection curated by James Cavello for THE CROWN PENTHOUSE at 212 Fifth Avenue. The artworks on view were uniquely selected to create a dialogue within the extraordinary luxury space and to enhance the architectural details.

“Great art needs to be displayed in the right place and The Crown is one of those one-of-a-kind places,” said Robert Gladstone, the property developer. “Anyone who would consider living there would also have a spectacular collection, and an irreplaceable art collection is always linked to an extraordinary home.”

The curation focuses on ground-breaking New York City visual artists and photographers and is part of Westwood’s creative collaborations with the luxury real-estate industry.

> ANDY WARHOL unique newsprint on linen canvas artworks: the portrait of Goethe and Warhol’s re-appropriation of Leonardo da Vinci’s, “The Annunciation” and two works from Warhol’s early career in the 1950’s as a commercial artist.

> ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, Bodily, 1994 from the ‘Waterworks’ series represents an innovative original of Rauschenberg’s own photographs transferred onto watercolor paper using only natural pigments, heat and water.

> SAM FRANCIS On view is a 1963 minimalist Edge painting by one of the 20th century’s leading interpreters of light and color. An early approach to his studies of negative space and edges of color.

> ON THE BOWERY From the 1971 portfolio, artworks by Cy Twombly, Robert Indiana, John Giorno, Robert Ryman, Gerald Laing.

> WILL INSLEY (1929-2011) Large scale abstract paintings and structural models from the 60-year visionary utopic large-scale city, ONECITY, exhibited in museums worldwide

> CHARLES HINMAN (b. 1932) Elaborate three-dimensional paintings created by stretching canvas over a mathematically perfected wood skeleton

> JAMES JUTHSTROM (1925-2007) Large scale abstract-expressionist paintings from the 1960s.

Other Artists on View > Alberto Biasi, Drew Tal, Franco Costalonga, Peter Shaindlin

Photography > Douglas Kirkland, Roy Schatt


About 212 Fifth Avenue

Located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 26th Street and overlooking Madison Square Park, the newly restored historic beaux arts 1912 building, originally designed by architects Schwartz & Gross, has been redesigned by Helpern Architects and developed by Madison Equities. The triplex penthouse encompasses over 10,000 square feet of interior space alongside over 5,500 square feet of exterior space and is designed by Pembrooke & Ives.