Worldwide Children's Foundation of New York

Throughout the world, children die needlessly every day because they do not have access to the necessary medical care, expertise or facilities to save their lives. Worldwide Children's Foundation of New York is dedicated to providing this desperately needed medical care for disadvantaged children, regardless of country, race, gender or religious belief.

WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC gallery founders James Cavello and Margarite Almeida have founded the non-profit organization, and are currently acting as president and vice president of the foundation. The organization identifies children in need and partners with hospitals and health care professionals in the New York area to provide crucial medical care. WWCF coordinates the direct care, travel and housing arrangements necessary to accommodate the young patient and a parent or guardian. Housing is often provided by a host family chosen to match the language and culture of the child, which makes the diversity of New York City an ideal location for WWCF. Each child and family is assisted through the entire process; if needed, any necessary aftercare arrangements upon the child's return home are also provided for.

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