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2019 - PRESENT

Westwood Gallery rediscovered a rare collection of 49 drawings by Andy Warhol, 1955-67, an archive of free form expressions of Warhol’s love of dance, with drawings of ballerinas and fully costumed performers. The drawings also depict images of a fun sprite character as he conducts music, or pushes a shopping cart. Other drawing themes highlight travel or fantasy, figures dancing and circus performers. Whether simple line drawing or elaborate images of a dancer with half-dark and half-light costume, each drawing represents a Warhol narrative. 

Line ink drawing of three women dancing, signed “Andy Warhol”
Line ink drawing of male dancer en pointe, with black ink shadow, signed “Andy Warhol”
Line ink drawing of a putto carrying a ribbon, with illegible crayon notes bottom



The incredible collection derived from one person in the world of Dance, who Warhol admired and gifted all 49 drawings over a period of years. The drawing gifts were also meant to promote his illustrative skill for the purpose of potential inclusion in publishing and/or dance projects. 

Westwood Gallery exhibited the 49 Warhol drawings in the gallery, Andy Warhol: Drawn to Dance (2016), and at The National Arts Club, Andy Warhol: Imaginary Friends (2012). Thereafter the drawings were acquired, and Westwood worked with a conservationist to ensure the longevity of the drawings with current planning for a future global traveling exhibition. 

Westwood Gallery will publish a hardcover book with the 49 drawings, available to the public in 2022. 


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